Nitronic Rush

Anybody who’s ever played a  racing game know that they can lack excitement or fun,some more than others, but the premise remains. When I started playing Nitronic Rush, the first thing I thought was that this game was just like a Tron racing game. These students from Digipen have brought the grand visuals from that movie to life.

In this experimental survival racing game, you do a lot more than drive, your car has special features that help you do anything from boost your speed to even flying. The levels are visually spectacular, incredibly addictive and very challenging.

The single, lone problem in this game is it’s slightly over-sensitive steering controls. But that’s it.  I found it refreshing, compelling and absolutely amazing.

This has so much  more to offer than most, if not all modern, commercial racing games, and all in all is one of the best racing games I’ve ever played





•Glorious graphics


Overall very compelling game

•Immense Arcade fun




•Slightly over-sensitive controls



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My rating is:

5 stars







If Van Gogh was a gamer this would be his game. Braid is a painterly-style puzzle game brought to life by the creative genius of David Hellman. With visually pleasing artwork, beautiful melodies and a compelling storyline, playing Braid really feels like running around inside a canvas masterpiece under the hands of a skilled painter.

Follow the life of our cunning and fearless character, Tim. Starting off in a city apartment from where Tim journeys to distant worlds where he will brave the elements, overcome complex obstacles, execute daring maneuvers and collect puzzle pieces with only one goal in mind, to be reunited with the his true love. At the core of Braid’s mechanics is Tim’s ability to manipulate the flow of time to solve puzzles and inevitably, to rescue the abducted princess.

As the story unfolds we learn that Tim has made some mistakes in his life which caused the princess to turn sharply from him and lashing him with the braid of her hair. This is why Tim is so desperate to find her again, to undo the wrongs he has done. It is a beautiful story, one we can all relate to. The story of undying love. However, it is also sad and at times, very depressing so it might be best not to play this game if one suffers from Dysthymia.

Not enough can be said about the brilliant aesthetic display that is Braid. It truly is a work of art. On the downside however, I found that I couldn’t continually play the game for too long periods. Some of the obstacles are too complex and even though I don’t like doing it, I had to watch some walkthroughs just to get passed them. Also there is the beautiful but melancholic music that can get a bit overbearing at times. I also found that when just doing a run-through, I could finish a level in about 20 seconds. Almost all the obstacles are placed solely around the puzzle pieces and the rest of the level is left practically open.

Regardless of the few negatives, Braid still is a fun and amazing game filled with intellectual challenges and is a game every gamer should try and has definitely filled a slot in my book.



  • A painterly-style arcade puzzle game
  • Complex intellectual challenges
  • Well thought storyline.


  • Depressing overtone.

Braid is available on:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Xbox Marketplace
  • PSN

My Rating:




David //is a game

And what a game. We were quite surprised to hear from a gentleman from Texas wanting us to try out the game he developed, and when I started it up I was immediately blown away by the visuals of it.

My first impression of this arcade style game was the impressive visuals and storyline.

In the game you have a magical gift to fight off evil, trying to evade and attack at the same time. The game is highly entertaining yet very challenging.

I found the levels on this game a ton of fun, with puzzle elements and arcade style action, all as you fight off the forces of evil.

The one downside to this game is the lack of a characteristic protagonist that you can support or get behind, but that’s just me.

In conclusion, this game is perfect for those looking for a challenging Indie Game, with a good story and impressive visuals.




•Amazing visuals

•Brilliant gameplay

•Fun and addictive



•A little too challenging at times

•Lack of favourable protagonist 



David //is a game is available on:




My rating is: 3.5